In Europe, a multitude of news services that report on affairs from a particular country and regarding the country operates. They rarely peek out of the country and usually support the country’s official language only.

There is also a considerable and growing number of services that focus on European affairs. They mostly publish in English – and those, that broaden their range with varying languages, provide different articles on different (or the same) topics in different language versions.

The last group are services that are redacted in a minority language (or an auxillary one). Their articles usually concern exclusively the community that uses them, and thus, they are often limited to cultural and local news.

Federa’s goal is to offer broader perspective to the first kind of viewers – to furnish them with articles regarding other countries and covering European-scale affairs in their laguage; to provide the second group with certainty that users of different language versions read the same articles about the same affairs;  the third group is to be supplied by Federa with general news, so that they no longer have to switch languages when they want to know what’s happening beyond their community.

Federa lets you read articles you want, in a language you want – all on one site.
More languages coming!