“Mysterious friendship of nations” – Kaczyński and Orban together on mutual relations and Europe

Smoleńsk monument in Budapest

On the occasion of the Budapest monument reveal, which is to commemorate the victims of Smoleńsk catastrophe, the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Jarosław Kaczyński visited Hungary. Viktor Orban also took part in the event.

Two tragedies

The reveal of the monument was particularly moving for Jarosław Kaczyński, whose brother died 8 years ago in the catastrope. The former Prime Minister acknowledged the monument to be “a sign of shared rememberance” without which “there is no unity of nations” and “a beautiful gesture” that is to “strengthen the Polish-Hungarian friendship”. Jarosław Kaczyński drew attention to the link between the Smoleńsk tragedy and the Katyń Wood murders, appreciating that the builders of the monument “know and remember about the fact that the Smoleńsk tragedy is strictly connected with another tragedy – the tragedy of Katyń”.

Poland’s Admiration

The ceremony was an occasion to ponder the Polish-Hungarian relations. “Existence and ruddiness of both of our nations are linked closely and condition each other, together they condition a better future” – the Prime Minister Morawiecki claimed. As he believes, this shared future “is coining itself in big part in Europe nowadays”.

He didn’t hide that he is “full of admiration” when he observes the way in which the Prime Minsiter of Hungary “fights for better Europe, for better Hungary” – “I believe that a better, more fair, more free Europe may originate in Hungary,” he admitted.

Jarosław Kaczyński spoke in similar terms, highlighting that “the power of Europe must be founded on the countries’ power and their volitional cooperation”, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (ECR) leader also noticed the Hungarian’s Prime Minister’s input regarding this issue – “Viktor Orban is soliciting for EU to become something built appropriately, to become a great power”.

Together into the Future

Polish guests’ warm words were requited. Viktor Orban emphasised in his speech how important solidarity with Poland is for Hungary – “When Poland gets attacked, Central Europe is attacked, and so is Hungary. That is why Poland can always count on Hungary”. The Hungarian Prime Minister also pointed out the bottom-up character of the union, expressing belief that “if Hungarians were told that Poles are in need, they would go at the first call”.

The relationship between the two countries makes Viktor Orban optimistic – “Europe is the future and we are the future of Europe” – he assured.

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