Morawiecki honoured with the President Lech Kaczyński Award

The Award

Named after Lech Kaczyński the award was handed the seventh time. Lech Kaczyński Social Movement that chooses the award winner, assesses contributions of remarkable persons to the Republic of Poland while considering the nominations. The honour was given to the Prime Minister by the ceo of the Movement, and Lech Kaczyński’s daughter, Marta Kaczyńska.

The Obligation

“Each award is an obligation of a kind,” the Prime Minister acknowledged during the ceremony. “I treat this award (…) as my obligation to follow the path of Mister President”. As Morawiecki pointed out, “Mister President not only looked at us as a victim, but also a winner of the history, a queen of the world’s history – which is a place that we actually deserve – and always fought for the remembrance on different fronts and forums”.

The President’s Will

According to the Prime Minister, a few months before his tragic death president Lech Kaczyński “proposed a few messages”, which for the current authorities “should be and are” a guideline. “It is clear today, that we are trying to fulfil this will,” Morawiecki convinced.

The Prime Minister reminded the President’s words who appealed for Poland to “lose the irrelevant references and legacy from before 1989”. Morawiecki connected this postulate with the “fight for better justice” which is to be led by his cabinet and parliamentary majority.

The Prime Minister paid special attention to the execution of Lech Kaczyński’s visions of international relations and Poland’s status in Europe. “We’re rebuilding the value of the Visegrad Group, and trying to realise the not so easy Three Seas Initiative,” he assured the audience, by the by expressing his approval towards developing the “Jagiellonian policy”.

Morawiecki also mentioned the President’s call to care for the North-Atlantic Treaty – “For the treaty, that is our best and only guarantee of safety” – and to fight for Poland’s status in the European Union. “This is also our role – the fight for our deserved place in the family of EU countries, and that’s what we do”, he declared.

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