Poles commemorate the anniversary of Treaty of Rome

Photo sourceDanuta Czechmanowska via YouTube, Standard YouTube Licence (8.1B)

The Treaty of Rome

On 25 march 1957 the six founding members of the Communities – France, West Germany, the Netherlands, Itlay, Belgium and Luxembourg – signed two international agreements jointly referred to as the “Treaty of Rome”.  The agreement established the European Atomic Energy Community and the European Economic Community, which consecutive treaties evetually reformed into the European Union as it is today.

Manifestations all over Poland

Recognising the significance of the event, the opposition organised meetings in many Polish towns. During the gatherings, participants sang Ode to Joy, deemed to be the EU’s anthem.

Amongst the instigators were Komitet Obrony Demokracji and Platforma Obywatelska (EPP).

Criticism of the President

The speakers referred to a recent utterance of Andrzej Duda, considering it to be eurosceptic and fearing that it could be an attempt to set Poles against the Union. The President’s speech was also used to mobilize the opposition to attend the events.

Controversial words

“Very often people say Ah, who needs Poland? The European Union matters the most!. I wish these people remembered the 123 years of partitions, when Poland lost its independence and disappeared off the map. Then you also had people go Well, maybe it’s better. The disputes will finally be over, these rokoszes, all these insurrections, these wars, these conflicts, these confederations, we’ll finally find peace and quiet’.

Yes, but soon after everybody understood that the wars went on, the conflicts went on, but we had no real influence and couldn’t decide for ourselves, because the decisions on what concerned us were taken somewhere far away, in distant capitals, where the money we worked hard to earn was taken away and in fact – we were exploited for their gain.

And this is what one’s own country is – it’s about feeling that you work to your benefit, about feeling that you precisely are building your Motherland, that this is your future, that you are the one to decide, that it is you who determines who can govern and who can’t. This is what the essence of freedom and independence, and sovereignty is. And this is why it is worth to defend independence, sovereignty, at all costs, and this is why it’s worth to work for one’s country and why it’s worth to support the ones who govern it well”.

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