Polish feud over smog

EU sanctions?

On Thursday 22 February Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxemburg granted the Commission their due in its feud with Poland over the acceptable level of air pollution, which means that if to Brussels’ mind Poland doesn’t take sufficient action, it may be fined.

Government will thermomodernize

Right on this same day, the Government announced a thermomodernisation programme. According to the Prime Minister, the programme’s “aim is to decrease pollution, and at the same time to increase the ability of all our citizens to insulate their houses, especially where the air is not clean”. He blamed “years of negligence” for current situation, at the same time claiming that “the fight for clean air in Poland is one of the government’s priorities.”

Platforma’s project

Mateusz Morawiecki’s words and actions caused critique from Platforma Obywatelska (EPP). It has been pointed out that there is a project of anti-smog bill of its creation waiting in Sejm for a year, moreover PiS (ECR) abolished the smog fighting supplement system it (PO) had brought in during their previous term.

As Stanisław Gawłowski emphasises, Platforma’s project assumed that “around 2 millions of Poles will have the chance to mount devices to produce solar or wind power for their own needs.” He has also accused PiS that “instead of investing into renewable energy, it prefers to poison Poles with russian coal”, pointing to the growing import of this energy resource.

PO’s member of parliament while broadly criticising the energetic policy, stated that “basing Poland’s energetic future on coal is a catastrophy in the making” and PiS “buys itself peace in Silesia, supplementing unprofitable coal mines, and doesn’t look for different solutions”.

Announcing “shortly”

Fakt journalists have also tracked that the announcement of the project has not been exactly polished. Although the PM’s office twitter post including a very distorted map of Poland has been taken down quickly, the scale of negligence is reflected on the saved graphics, where voivodships łódzkie and świętokrzyskie are joined incorrectly, as well as some cities are placed in a wrong spots too, for instance Lesser Poland’s capital – Kraków, and Silesia’s capital – Katowice, in a non-existent voivodship. 


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