Polish PM: “We show what solidarity is”


Visit to Lebanon

Because of his visit to Lebanon, PM Morawiecki has reaffirmed the government’s stance on immigration policy and where the Polish government stands in the dispute over the migrant crisis. In an utterance published on YouTube, Morawiecki also touches upon humanitarian aid for Africa and Middle East.

Help on the spot

According to the Prime Minister, “real and tangible help is best provided on the spot” and the refugees “would rather stay, but the living conditions created for them are not sufficient”. As he assured, “this is what Poland is doing”. He also expressed his hopes that Poland would “expand this aid” and that “Polish companies would be involved in rebuilding homes, so that the refugees can stay in Lebanon or Syria”.

Poles are the hosts

At the same time, Morawiecki referred to the political dispute over immigration. He pointed out that while talking to European partners, the government highlights that as a sovereign country, Poland has the right to “decide on its immigration policy – who to accept and who not to accept”. Polish PM also reminded that “after Russian aggression in Chechnya – Poland lent the Chechens a helping hand; after Russian aggression in Ukraine – it accepted millions of Ukrainians”.

“In a very concrete way, we show what solidarity is” – he summarised.

A matter of security

As the Prime Minister states, this way Poland shows that it “provides security on the East flank, on the Eastern border of the Union”, what he considered to be “a fulfilment of Polish obligations to take care of security of the whole European Union”. Morawiecki also considered providing aid to North Africa and the Middle East to be a part of these obligations.

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