PO (EPP) and Nowoczesna (ALDE) to unite? Leaders on a merger

Self-government coalition

In response to unfaltering support that polls indicate Law and Justice (ECR) enjoys, which amounted to a monthly average of some 44% in January, two main parliamentary opposition parties, PO and Nowoczesna, decided to set up a coalition for upcoming local elections. A team composed of members of both parties is already working on a common programme.

Junior partner or a meal?

Because of huge disparity between the parties, the public debates whether Nowoczesna could be “absorbed” by PO. Grzegorz Schetyna, the leader of PO, was asked about such a possibility as the guest of recent “Gość Radia ZET”. As he stated, “The electorate of Modern (Nowoczesna) and Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska) are people who expect our cooperation to end with an integration of the parties”. He considered such a turn of events to be a “natural process”.

The leader of Nowoczesna quickly reffered to the utterance, quipping on Twitter that she was “grateful for Grzegorz Schetyna’s marriage proposal”, but that the parties were “only arranging a partnership”. She emphasized that “Nowoczesna has its own values and programme, often contradicting the PO’s ones”.

Nowoczesna not to disappear

Mirosław Suchoń, a Sejm deputy of Nowoczesna, has also spoken on the future of the opposition. In an interview for Polskie Radio 24, he assured that “reports that Nowoczesna is to disappear are absolutely unjustified, overblown, and mobilise us to work harder”. He also annouced a “legislative assault of Nowoczesna” and expressed a belief that “there will be what to praise Nowoczesna for”.

Similar promises have already been made by Katarzyna Lubnauer, who announced Nowoczesna would work on an antismog bill. A group of Nowoczesna’s deputies, with support from PSL (EPP) and UED (ALDE), has also put forward “Ratujmy Kobiety” project to be considered by the Sejm once more, after its rejection last month turned out to be disastrous for the opposition.

Image source, Michał Józefaciuk via Wikimedia Commons

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