Israeli Embassy and minority representatives concerned about situation in Poland

Law conflict

Anti-semitism and attitude towards national and ethnic minorities have become a major line of Polish public debate’s resistance after law amendment concerning the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) has been passed and a material on Polish neo-nazis was recently aired in “Superwizjer”.

Minority’s position

According to the joint statement of minorities’ representatives as follow: Karaite, Slovakian, Lemkos, Kashubian, Lithuanian, Tatar, Ukrainian, Jewish and Russian; Poland “from the country of long tradition of freedom and tolerance is becoming a country that begins to come across as more and more xenophobic in the eye of the world and its own people”. In their common position minority representatives voice their “immense concern at the growth of aggression in Polish society due to national, racial and religious bias” and highlight that “it’s shattering the positive image of Poland in the world”.

At the same time, minority organisations are calling for Polish authorities to “prevent xenophoby, intolerance or antisemitism in any form”.

Growing anti-semitism

Israeli embassy in Poland has also spoken on the events. In the statement from 2nd February it points out that “antisemitic remarks and comments have reached us by every channel possible”. The embassy also highlights that “the anti-semitic content appears uncontrollably on the Polish Internet as well as in media, especially on the channel TVP Info,” accusing the information channel of the public broadcaster of “anti-semitic fake news”. 



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