“Long march” of PiS. Kaczyński wants three terms

Not one and not two

In the latest interview for Gazeta Polska, the leader of Law and Justice (ACRE), Jarosław Kaczyński, declared that “the aspects of our reality that need to be not just modernised, but simply torn down, are so numerous that we need not two, but at least three terms”. As the former prime minister points out, the party is “facing up to a long march and that is its goal”.

Uncompromisingly forwards

In the interview, Kaczyński states that “The programme of deep reforms of our country won’t be stopped, quite the contrary. Coming to an agreement with groups that have treated Poland like their own loot for years is off the table”, alerting the opposition not to believe in compromises naively. As he adds, “We won’t change the course. We may sometimes have to reach the goal in a winding way – that’s politics, but the goal never changes, and it is to change the country”.

New opening?

Kaczyński has also denied the popular amongst media opinion that the reshuffling of government was caused by desire to move more towards the centre. “The aim of the reshuffling is not moving towards the center,” he states straightforward. “The march is a myth (…) that has nothing to do with reality”. According to PiS leader declaration, the aim of the changes in the government is to dynamise the process of transformations and win the upcoming elections, including the municipal ones.

Therefore PiS joins the run to which, among others, PSL (EPP) and the left-wing are already preparing for.



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