Biedroń on returning to nationwide politics

Unusual figure

Robert Biedroń, first openly gay deputy to have been elected to the Polish Sejm, currently the mayor of Słupsk, is a politician whose views are out of the Polish mainstream – he’s a feminist, an esperantist, fights for animal rights, criticises both the government and the parliamentary opposition, and goes to work by bike or public transport. Even though he is a local official, because of his extraordinary traits, the media like to interview him on national affairs.

State of the opposition

As the guest of “Kropka nad i”, Robert Biedroń was asked about his opinion on the recent CBOS poll, in which 44% of Poles expressed support for PiS (ACRE), 15% – for PO (EPP), 6% – for Nowoczesna (ALDE) and 5% – for Kukiz’15. “It is a shame that, in such a graceful way, the opposition squanders the capital it was given by the voters”, he said. As he pointed out, half of PO’s and Nowoczesna’s electorate has “evaporated”. As possible causes, he listed “weakness of the leaders, weakness of the programmes”. He also emphasized that “the opposition has probably lost its credibility” and that the hopes pinned on PO and Nowoczesna are fading away.

New hope

“I hope that a new project that brings hope back to Poland appears soon”, he confessed. “It is time for a new political project – for something new, something fresh, something authentic”. When asked by the interviewer, Monika Olejnik, whether he would like to lead such a “project”, he admitted that he “would like to be a member of such a project” and that he “would support such a project for sure”. He then suggested that the opposition has no time to lose or to wait. “We need to give hope to people quickly”.

President Biedroń?

Pressed by the interviewer and asked directly whether “Robert Biedroń would want to be a presidential candidate”, he gave an evasive answer. “This is primarily a question whether values that Robert Biedroń represents should be reflected in a new political offer”. “Yes, they should be”, he answered his altered question. However, he also added that he “is ready to return to nationwide politics” and “will probably do it”.

Robert Biedroń is often listed in presidential polls. In a recent one by Pollster, conducted on 3-5 January, 15% of Poles expressed support for him. Only Donald Tusk (21%) and Andrzej Duda (39%) scored better.

Photo by Kuba Bożanowski from Warsaw, Poland (“Dziękuję, ja jestem cała tęczowa!”),  Wikimedia Commons


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