PO and Nowoczesna refuse to take part in appointing KRS members

Judiciary changes

Following the changes recently made to key Polish judiciary bodies that, amongst others, altered the way members of National Judiciary Council are appointed contrary to the constitution, main opposition parties refused to participate in Sejm’s appointments according to the new bill.

Nowoczesna (ALDE)

Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz, one of the party’s leaders, stated on Twitter that “Participating in appointing KRS members based on unconstitutional law would be an act of acceptance towards breaking the Constitution” and that Nowoczesna “won’t take part in that”. She also pointed out that the law “directly limits the right to a fair trial of every citizen”.

Platforma Obywatelska (EPP)

Similarly to Nowoczesna, PO stated it “won’t take part in electing or appointing new KRS members by Sejm”. It also believes that the new law “puts a political leash on judges”.

Article 7

December changes in KRS are one of the reasons article 7 of the EU treaties was triggered against Poland by the European Commission, meaning that European institutions share the view Polish opposition parties hold.

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