Polish government on the EU

New Government

Even though the reshuffling of the government was supposed to be a new opening, some positions on foreign policy and the diplomatic course of Poland remain unchanged. Head of Prime Minister’s Political Cabinet Marek Suski has revealed how PiS sees the EU and the infamous Article 7.

It’s all about the money

During an interview for Polskie Radio 24, when asked about the dispute with the EU Commission about the Polish judiciary, Suski said that “It’s a dispute about money, and not the shape of Polish judiciary” and suggested that “Prime Minister Morawiecki has tightened up the [tax] system and great sums no longer flow abroad. It’s about making Polish economy not grow too fast”.

Tug of war

“A test of strength is under way in the EU”, he stated later on. “The EU is starting to reform into a country that would have its capital in Brussels. Many countries need to fight for their sovereignty, like Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary”.

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