Polish left wing on the move

The other side of the coin

Following two votes on controversial abortion law amendments initiated by citizens and the havoc they wreaked with the parliamentary opposition, leaders of Polish left wing, some of which participated in collecting signatures for the liberal project, launched an all-in campaign against the establishment.

As “Polityka w Sieci” reports, over the last 7 days, Razem gained 768 fans on Facebook, SLD (PES) – 440, while Nowoczesna (ALDE) lost 346. Until any new polls are published, this is the best way to measure the influence recent events had on the Polish public opinion.

“Weakness of the opposition”

Barbara Nowacka, leader of Inicjatywa Polska and the member of Ratujmy Kobiety that presented the project to the Sejm, immediately after the votes were counted, attacked PO (EPP) and Nowoczesna (ALDE) in a bitter vlog on facebook for their absence. “This is not the way deputies who care for democracy behave”, she said, pointing out how many people signed the project. “You are simply not worth our trust”, she added, reminding that many of the absent opposition politicians would “show off and take selfies” on Black Marches.

The following day, she wrote on Twitter that “The votes showed how weak the opposition is”. She also called for “building agreements on values” ahead of the upcoming local elections.

United left?

She has also already announced a meeting will be held on 28th January and “all for whom democracy, dignity, respect and women’s rights are the most important values, are invited to talk about Poland”. As Onet reports, Zieloni (Global Greens), SLD (PES) and Razem (cooperating with DiEM25) have been asked to join in. SLD has already confirmed it would participate.

Because of this, however, Razem is unlikely to join, as during a convention they held, SLD was just as criticized as PO (EPP), Nowoczesna (ALDE) and PiS (ACRE).

Grudges or values?

When SLD’s spokeswoman hailed Razem’s programme as “brilliant”, stating that it’s “90% compatible with the one SLD has”, one of Razem members quipped that “The difference is that Razem treats its programme seriously and will implement it, while SLD only uses it to coax votes”.

Marcelina Zawisza, member of the party’s board, recently stated that “SLD members know that they are not reliable, because they have been embarassing themselves and the left in general for years”.

Another member enumerates that SLD “cuts down thousands of trees”, “stands in the first row on Independence Day mass” and “pumps money into professional sport”. “This is not a coalition partner for us”, he concludes.

Unite or die

For similar reasons, the one also being the fact that Magdalena Ogórek, the SLD-backed presidential candidate, turned out to be conservative, Razem refused to join an SLD-led joint left-wing list prior to 2015 parliamentary election, which resulted in splitting the voters (3,62% and 7,55% of total votes) and made both groups fail to reach their threshold, which amounts for 5% for single parties and 8% for coalitions.

Because of that, Razem is sometimes accused of allowing PiS to secure a majority.

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