European Parliament proposes a date for next elections

The date

The European Parliament’s Conference of Presidents have proposed that European Parliament elections be held on May 23 – 26 2019, Green MEP Sven Giegold announced Thursday.

Much to agree on

Institutional matters, such as transnational lists and other proposals related to the European Parliament elections will be discussed at an informal summit in February, with the formal decision on the election date and distribution of seats scheduled for the June European Council.

British seats

There is still an unresolved question as to what will happen to the UK’s vacant 73 seats after Brexit. A report from the Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee suggests that 22 of the seats should be redistributed to the remaining member states, while the remaining seats would be held in reserve for countries that accede in the future, or potentially for transnational lists, as Southern EU members suggest.  Leaving the reserve would mean that the Parliament would have ‘only’ 700 members.

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