Poles divided on abortion

Two projects

On 10th January, works on two citizen initiatives were launched in Sejm – one seeking to protect “dignity and rights of women” with around 500 thousands signatures collected, the other – to stop “killing children”, with around 800 thousands signatures.

“Let’s save women”

When implemented, the project would enable women to terminate any pregnancy during the first 12 weeks, keep the current three cases when abortion is allowed – when the fetus is higly disfunctional, when the conception was an act of crime (until 12. week), or when continuation of pregnancy puts life or health of the mother at risk – but also make day-after and other contraceptive pills available without prescription. The project also seeks to introduce “thorough sexual education” to schools.

Members of Nowoczesna (ALDE), Partia Zieloni (Global Greens) and Razem (cooperating with DiEM25) have already expressed support for the initiative.

“Stop abortion”

The other project‘s intent – contrary to previous similar projects, whose goal was to penalise abortion altogether and which made around 100 thousands people, mostly women, take to streets in October 2016 – is to no longer allow women to terminate pregnancy in case of severe disfuncionality of the fetus, because “abortion is usually conducted on children, who could live a long and happy life”.

Episcopal Conference of Poland endorsed the project while signatures were still being collected, and President Duda has already announced that he would sign the bill was it accepted by the Parliament.

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