Changes in Polish government

“Crawling” reshuffling

Changes in the government were talked about for months, but the only change that actually happened was the appointment of Morawiecki as the Prime Minister. When he took the post, rumours of the upcoming reshuffling did not come to an end – on the contrary, further changes were announced by the newly appointed head of government.

Unpopular ministers

Around four months of discussing the changes allowed the public opinion to express its opinion on particular ministers. According to a poll conducted by RW Research for Rzeczpospolita, 50% of Poles did not want to see Antoni Macierewicz, the Minister of National Defense known for so-called Misiewicze scandal and conspiracy theories about Smoleńsk plane crash, 38% of Poles would remove Jan Szyszko, the Minister of Environment behind the logging of Białowieża primeval forest,  37% of Poles wanted the dismissal of Konstanty Radziwiłł, the Minister of Health accused by the opposition of funding and staff shortages in the health service, and 35% of Poles would remove Witold Waszczykowski, the Minister of Foreign Affairs that also happens to be the Governor of San Escobar.

The reshuffling saw them go amongst others.


Morawiecki on the changes

In his speech during the appointment ceremony, Morawiecki obliged the new government to be “A government of great modernisation of Poland, but a modernisation for the people, modernisation for the Polish families, and for the strength of the Polish state”. He emphasized that the new government is there to “Find the best ways of development, so that we build a sovereign Poland in a strong Europe – Europe of Fatherlands”.

Opposition divided

According to Witold Zembaczyński (Nowoczesna, ALDE) the removal of unpopolar ministers is a confirmation that the opposition was right to criticise their work; European Greens, thinking alike, have already congratulated to Partia Zieloni (Global Greens) on “firing” Jan Szyszko.

Part of the opposition prefers to stay cool-headed. As leader of PO (EPP) points out “Tea does not get sweet only out of stirring. New names don’t really mean new quality”.

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