What caused Brexit? Farage versus Barnier 

Voice of the people

On Monday, chief EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier met Nigel Farage, a former leader of the UKIP and one of the most ardent supporters of Brexit.

Prior to the meeting, he claimed on Twitter that nobody was representing the 52% of people who voted for Brexit, so he would do so. He asked people to propose questions to ask Barnier on the hashtag #AskBarnier.

The spat

In an interview with the BBC on its Daily Politics show after the meeting, Farage mentioned how “The British Government has given a hell of a lot already” and that it was “time for Barnier to give something.”

He also suggested that Barnier didn’t understand why a majority of the British people voted for Brexit, with Barnier reportedly saying he believed it was the money promised for the NHS that convinced people. Farage said that “what Barnier didn’t understand, at all, was that open door immigration within the European Union had been an absolute key driver”.

Talks progressing

This meeting comes after sufficient progress was declared on the first phase of the Brexit negotiations, allowing negotiations to progress to talks on a transition deal and the future EU-UK relationship. The first Phase 2 guidelines are set to be adopted in late January.

Later in the week, Barnier is to meet representatives of other pro-Brexit groups, such as Leave Means Leave and the Labour Leave group, as well as another UKIP MEP.

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