Morawiecki visits Orban

First foreign trip

Since he assumed office on 11th December, Morawiecki has not had an official foreign visit in any country, aside from an EU council meeting he attended shortly after. The first visit highly ranked officials make reflects their political and diplomatic priorities. This would mean that for Poland’s new Prime Minister it’s the Polish-Hungarian alliance that matters the most.

Visegrad community

During their joint press conference, the leaders emphasized that their respective countries not only share positions on current European affairs such as migration and the long-term budget perspectives of the European Union, but also a common history, having been on the same side of the Iron Curtain, and a common future.

European unity and values

“There are many things happening that call unity and cohesion of the Union into question”, Morawiecki warned, “We do not. We believe in Europe, in European values and we want to build them together” he added, reaffirming the Polish stance on the idea of a so-called “two speed Europe” and hinting at his policy of “rechristianisation” of Europe.


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